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"I spy with mee little eye…"
Hi! And welcome to Mee Photos Tumblr, a great place to share photos that inspire mee. I post alot of photos that I take with my cell phone through instagram, so this is the online world that connects you fastest to what I am seeing on a regular basis.
I hope you like what you see and I can't wait to get to know you better.
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-Melissa E Earle
Mee Inspiration
This is what you call, long weekend ;) Stopped at the library and RJ got 14 books alone to power through this weekend, and I honestly think she will accomplish it! 
I just love how easy it is to order books from a smart phone app and also love how welcoming and caring they are! 
Do you love your library?
How I LOVE it when my friends and clients stop by to bring Mee a hot fresh coffee & thank Mee for our dreaming session we had and how they already started with the tools and tips we decided would work really well to put legs to their dreams, I love thankful feedback! 

For you if you would like to accomplish your dreams-just know, I believe in them. I believe in you. If you need help, I’m here.
I gotta admit, he’s pretty cute at 6 am
I LOVE it when my client gatherings include circles of children. Family + business is life, and what a happy one!
I love my clients! Need some marketing help? A plan for your social media? Help with your online site? Message Mee
Do you have a Facebook page? Yes or No?

If you have an idea, message, product or service….you should have a Facebook page to engage with the people who want to be kept updated on how you are doing and how your idea is progressing. It’s also good for accountability. 

Let Mee give you some examples of people in my circle who I know that do NOT have a Facebook page, but SHOULD. 
A young musician in our area, she doesn’t think she has anything to promote. But if she doesn’t, who is going to hear her? 
A yoga instructor who really loves on her clients. “I am just a physical Ed teacher basically, why do I need one?” And yet it was only because if a friend I saw how good she was. If she had Facebook she could probably convince Mee of other classes too and make more money. 
A local coffee shop, who have daily menu changes, and yet they say, it’s too much work and no body looks. But I check every day to see what other people said about their food and coffee to see if I should go in. I would become a more consistent customer if there was a way for Mee to interact more with them. Who wants to use the phone and call them to see what the specials are? Not with a smart phone. 
A mom I know who let’s parents drop their kids off at her house when they do errands. I want to see when she is home. And I consider her more of an expert, so I want to talk to her about my kid stuff. Links? Food suggestions? How tos? I love her already, and trust her, so why wouldn’t I go to her for other info about my child. She could be making more money than having Mee just drop off my child every 5 days. 

It’s easy to see when other people have a good message and could be making money doing what they love, but stop and ask yourself, what could I have a Facebook page for? My small business? My idea? My event? My service? And should it grow?

Facebook is a great way to let your idea grow and stay accountable. Plus you’ll find a whole bunch of people who want your message and you might just score big. Want to start a FB page? Ask Mee how and what to do when you have one.
I was thinking, what could I do that would help Mee be cheery and look on the bright side of things, to help Mee get stuff done? So I thought of a theme!

Today’s theme for all the spring cleaning projects that have to get done today: “Everything has a place” 

What’s your theme if you could choose one?  #aGoldenLife
Sad: I am out of my Black Ginger Tea already 
Happy: I am going to have a tea party on April 30th I believe - who wants to come get happy with Mee? 
In time for Mothers Day!! 
I will be supporting my friend Jen Pottier in her new business ventures and also getting some herbs for weight loss, health, (like the Femininity Tea) and the tea that you only have to drink one cup and it’s like getting enough antioxidants (that are cancer fighting and beauty making) that you would have to get from eating 65 cups of blueberries! 65! I don’t know about you but I don’t think I could do that in one day! So how about a glass of tea instead? And if course my favorite, caffeine! Hello clean house, kids lunches, happy business clients and totally taken care of husband! Who wouldn’t want you? Healthy+caffeine? Yes please! 
My house 6:30pm on April 30th (since our surgery got pushed back) I want you to come! You get to drink teas and turn my frown upside down to a happy face! Please come!!!
Mee and my hunny 
Take a selfie with your love and post! I want to see!!!
For the availability to still get fruits 
For the ways my body turns fruits into beauty
For the ways my body takes fruits and uses them as fuel 
For the way it hydrates and oils my joints 
For the way it gives Mee lush hair 
For the way it helps my skin clear up 
For the way it strengthens my nails 
For the way it helps Mee think, clears my mind 
For the ways it helps Mee breathe in deeply and not feel so bloated or full 
For the ways it helps my body have enough energy to move, not sitting on the couch but instead, running, and moving 
and for the feeling of being alive 

With every bite of fruit, I am grateful. #aGoldenLife
Praying my clients new store-the one she is about to open to the public, doesn’t get flooded tonight in down town Peace River. Praying they solve it quick! 
We want her store to be safe, clean & dry.
What do you write with, when you go to workshops or conferences? Do you aim for big folder or small purse journal for taking notes? 

John Mark keeps telling Mee that 85% of people who write down what they are learning or when they have an idea, actually accomplish those things they are learning about and want to do. That’s a pretty big number. I need to get in on that 85% and start writing more! Don’t you agree? 

Excited for the Women of the North Conference tomorrow! Need to remember to bring my pen too #womenofthenorth
Updating my online platforms today, my how this is fun. About 6 months of work, but love it when work pays off! Come see