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"I spy with mee little eye…"
Hi! And welcome to Mee Photos Tumblr, a great place to share photos that inspire mee. I post alot of photos that I take with my cell phone through instagram, so this is the online world that connects you fastest to what I am seeing on a regular basis.
I hope you like what you see and I can't wait to get to know you better.
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-Melissa E Earle
Mee Inspiration
I should have flipped one more. Oh the fashion inspired yet beauty image!
I love photographing real woman and giving them this look and feel. It’s about beauty. It’s about connection. It’s about loving themselves yet again. Love
Welcome to my living room. Here I am dreaming about photographing real woman and giving them that beauty shot they want. To accomplish this - I am studying. Posing. Practicing. Drawing it with my pen and paper. Looking in a mirror. Watching the light and of course magazine flipping. I stop here because of the simple beauty shot here. I love.
One of the best things about photographing women and taking them through a make over transformation, is that you become friends with hair stylists and make up artists. I love connecting and making friends with the beauty industry!!
Hello beauty of fall
Contemplating my next moves for getting a web site for myself this time. So happy it’s my turn. I have gone through the process with so many fabulous brands and businesses. But excited it’s for Mee, to elk my clients through what their experience with Mee will be. And a blog. Oh how I crave to blog with beautiful images and my life musings. Beautiful women + their stories. It makes my heart sing!
I have heard you accomplish 80% of your dreams that you write down. 

Last night I went to a business Mastermind with a group of ladies, where we share our business dreams and hopes. 

I shared my new Photographing Women with Contemporary Glamour Portraiture dream and was so happy to be there and talking about it, I was almost giddy!

In order to go and know what I was going to talk about, I had to write it all out-my dreams and how I was going to do specific tasks. Next on the list? A web site, I drew it all up and showed them what it was going to be. 
Writing things out really helps. Now I know how many images I need, where they are going to be placed on the web site and I’m not guessing. 

I think a lot of times we let our dreams stay a guess work. Thanks to coffee and writing it out, those dreams can become real steps and can become not so distant realities!!! Yeah for coffee, notes and giddy meetings!
The after school snack time! Squeals from children upon finding it’s broccoli. One child squeals in delight and one squealing with something else as he is running away with arms flopping over his head. I guess you can’t win them all. #yet
Oh Vera. Love the dress. #vogue #inspiration #suebryce
Snow. This morning. Happened right here. 
I love how there is green grass in the back ground!
Remember when I said that once you start looking for hearts and love, you can’t help but see it everywhere? 
I think looking for BEAUTY is the same thing. Once you start looking for it, it will show up all around you. In little messages like this one. And in other people you will have interactions with. And even in the mirror, the time will come when it will be reflected back at you. 

I have been seeking for beauty in others around Mee for a long time. But now it’s just make-Mee-squeal-like-a-little-girl-delighted that I get to show people the beauty I see through my lens. What a gift.
Ever have those days when you get as enthusiastic as you were when you were a kid?
She is telling Mee here about a scientific experiment kit that is “epic mom!” 

I think kid-like enthusiasm should be on the “must have list” again
I’ve been noticing soft fabrics and in contrast with strong lines. I’m starting to think that maybe really soft fabrics belong alongside a woman when she gets photographed. Why has it taken Mee years to notice details like this, that could make or break an image? 

Good afternoon, I’m having coffee with a friend after a good day of editing photos and snuggling with giggly children. What are you doing?
Photographing outside today close to my house and just enjoying the light.

Wearing my hair up today, and really thinking about the hair bun-do you guys have any tricks for getting your hair to rock the bun look? 

Loving being back in photography!
This is what I have thinking about for the last couple of days. 
Photography, Finding the beauty in my clients, and posting all require being around LIGHT. Today, you be LIGHT. Whenever you start feeling dark or down, immediately jump upwards and hold on to that #Light
What is the saying? Something Borrowed, Something Blue, Something _______ , Something New.

Attended a female portraiture class today with @SueBryce on @CreativeLive and she said something that really changed my perspective. 

Our energy around something will come through what you do. If you love what you are doing, then when others come around it, they will be attracted to it. Your perspective of your Value, your Worth. Is it high? Low? 

So I told my daughter, and she decided to test this theory out, without telling Mee. She went away drawing this picture, all the while saying, “I love this, I am so good at this, I got this, I am really enjoying this.” 
She showed Mee and I couldn’t get over how much the picture drew Mee in, I could tell how amazing it was. And then she told Mee she was taking the “get out of your own way” and walk through your blocks and then love you and your work. 
Value. My own daughter showed Mee I could do it. I am so incredibly grateful.