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"I spy with mee little eye…"
Hi! And welcome to Mee Photos Tumblr, a great place to share photos that inspire mee. I post alot of photos that I take with my cell phone through instagram, so this is the online world that connects you fastest to what I am seeing on a regular basis.
I hope you like what you see and I can't wait to get to know you better.
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-Melissa E Earle
Mee Inspiration
This is what I have thinking about for the last couple of days. 
Photography, Finding the beauty in my clients, and posting all require being around LIGHT. Today, you be LIGHT. Whenever you start feeling dark or down, immediately jump upwards and hold on to that #Light
What is the saying? Something Borrowed, Something Blue, Something _______ , Something New.

Attended a female portraiture class today with @SueBryce on @CreativeLive and she said something that really changed my perspective. 

Our energy around something will come through what you do. If you love what you are doing, then when others come around it, they will be attracted to it. Your perspective of your Value, your Worth. Is it high? Low? 

So I told my daughter, and she decided to test this theory out, without telling Mee. She went away drawing this picture, all the while saying, “I love this, I am so good at this, I got this, I am really enjoying this.” 
She showed Mee and I couldn’t get over how much the picture drew Mee in, I could tell how amazing it was. And then she told Mee she was taking the “get out of your own way” and walk through your blocks and then love you and your work. 
Value. My own daughter showed Mee I could do it. I am so incredibly grateful.
Went for a walk with a millionaire. He asked Mee, “What is the most important key to being rich?” 
I answered something ridiculous, and waiting for the real answer. 
“It’s having lots of money.” I laughed.
Then continued when I didn’t think there was anything else to be said. “Earn. Keep. Grow. EKG that is the secret to riches.” 
This was the conversation I had while walking 10Km. What a beautiful evening, surround yourself with people who can grow and enhance your life.
At the same time I was exploring the Glamorous side of Mee, and starting to photograph Women’s Portraiture (where being glamorous helps the entire experience) At the same time, we had moved out to an acreage, we had bought and raised 2 dozen chickens, were cleaning up cow poop and were thinking of raising sheep! To everyone who knew Mee, they laughed! One man said “Mee! When I think of you going out to the field to milk a cow, I think of you wearing bright red high heels under your designer jeans, while walking through a cow field.”  It was true, two completely different worlds, yet I loved them both! Who says your life has to be just one way! You are uniquely unique in every way, that’s why we need you alive and living your fullest - because the world needs you and your light. Oh and of course, the world needs your humor too!
Mee being emotionally honest and sharing what I have been running away from, and what I’m going to do next :
Not that long ago I was looking through a stack of photo books in a book store that had been recently flooded. The books were stacked one, on top of the other in a rather large pile, and while I was searching, I found a book I was not looking for, a journal of sorts by Drew Barrymore of all her images all over the world. 

I picked it up intrigued and as I flipped through, realized every single image was a heart in some form or another. She said everywhere she was she would see “love” and at first she didn’t believe it existed or was even there to be seen. But then she spotted one heart and then another and now sees them everywhere. 

It reminded Mee of how you don’t find something unless your looking for it. Are you looking for love in your business? Are you looking for what your dreams and highest values are, what you want? Once you start looking you will find it. 

And I’m pretty sure, because I laughed as I saw her book and thought to myself, “Ha! In all my years photographing I’ve never seen a heart shape!” But then I thought, “…but I want to.” 
Ever since then I have been seeing hearts all over the place. 
I think everytime I see one, this is a reminder to find love and beauty in everything I do. #iheart #heart #lovewell
What will make you free? Fear limits you and your capabilities. Love frees you and everyone else around you. What decision will you change to a love based one?
Taking my quiet time to learn from @suebryce and #28Days I recently heard a friend of mine say that she stuffed every free moment into either loving others or growing. Literally.
So before I sleep I decided I needed to dig into something that I’ve been putting off but love to do. Photographing women. Sue Bruce not only teaches how to photograph women, but she gets photographers to nail down what they are afraid of, face those fears and then soar with freedom. I was so gong hoe with photographing women and I loved it. I was passionate about it, took 4 years to learn about it. Then I had two really bad experiences with women and I let the bad apples ruin the whole barrel. One of the ladies I photographed was a friend. Anyways. We all have our sob stories.  It’s just what are we going to do about them. Will we face them, or use them as excuses to get people to pitty us? I’ve been using my experiences as failures around my neck as weights that really burden Mee. So how do I proceed. Not 100% sure, but I think it has something to do with getting back up on that pony and riding, even if they buck you off. Incorporating photographing women into my plan for blogging. Giving myself permission. That’s a good place to start. Oh and watching @creativelive and #glamour photography with #suebryce
Tonight I was so so hungry. I wanted to eat anything in the house. Except I have a no junk zone, which means if I can resist I but no junk food. So I only had veggies in my house-including sprouts. Bla! That’s not what I was looking to munch on at 10:30 pm! So I did it. I pulled out my #piyo and #water and #yogamat and got to work 25 min later I had my mat soaked, drank two glasses of water, not hungry in the least, laughing and actually ready to calm my racing mind for a nights sleep. I think I pulled a @beckarobinson fast one
Maybe it’s been forever since I saw awesome effects at the movies, but I sat with a whole row of kids and squealed in delight at the awesome effects with alongside all the kids and saw Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
The dancing light of a summers eve 

To be able to see the beauty around you, now that is when you should stop and take a photo. The business and blogs I work with, the best photos they have are the ones where they stopped, saw the beauty, were in that moment for a second and took a photo to share that bliss. Those are the magic

Next time you are out and about and this happens to you, breathe it in and then take a picture, when you share photos that have come from your grateful moments, those mean the most to the world. 
The best camera? The one you have with you.
It’s about communicating from the heart.
A note I wrote to myself for myself, to remember to enjoy this experience! It’s about connecting, not a big long to-do list!
Can I #loveplant instead of #lovelamp (well for now anyways, I’m sure I’ll find a #lovelamp somewhere)? This is the age old question. To love plant. Ok that was a statement, you know what I mean!

This plant has been with Mee through almost dying, noting left but a pot and dirt, and little did I know, but it came back up “out of the ashes” to live again and to bud into something I take great pleasure in every single day.
Before it got really hot out, I took it out in the sun daily and watered it’s thirst. I can’t believe how big it has been getting since then. Proof that even if you think your life is only valuable to be “thrown away” then it comes back with life, vitality and abounding in growth. What a picture, this little plant is.
This morning I decided to be “creative” and mix and match my tea and drub before breakfast. Who says creativity has to be something huge?
Usually a creative project for Mee has something to do with photography, videos or blog posts. I feel so satisfied by trying new things and then documenting them. How do you like to be creative?

Give productivity and inspiration a good run for their money by being creative yourself! Love this idea about stepping out and trying something new with creativity!
Today, your I Am statement about yourself, you life and your life’s work is about what you want to see accomplished. Do you want to see more Creativity? Beauty? Connection? Wealth? 

Think about what you want and then say that aloud to and about yourself. 

I Am statements are the most powerful things we can say and believe about ourselves. For example if I think I am a bad photographer (based on a number of reasons, fears, blocks, self doubts and again, did I say fears?) if I stop and pay attention to “what I’m saying to myself” then I’ll realise it isn’t very good. It would be based on those fears. “I can’t take a decent photo, even if I tried…I always miss moments” 
So change your focus and say something like this instead: “I am growing, today I am learning and I am better than I have ever been. I love what I do and I am full of thankfulness and gratitude that I get to do this/be this, every day.” “I see the moments as they come towards Mee and I pay attention to what I need to be paying attention to.” 

Your body takes it’s signals and makes it’s decisions based on the brain, your thinking thoughts. Give your body a powerful statement instead of believing the worst, believe and “give instructions” for the best. If you get up and say, “this is the worst day ever” the body says, “ok! Body parts! You heard her! Follow suite-worst day ever!” And then we wonder why.
Instead, think about what is full of life, love, joy and peace and speak, “give instructions” based on those instead. ‪#‎lovewell‬ ‪#‎laughmuch‬ ‪#‎live‬ ‪#‎IAm‬